One-Step Paw Print Mold Kit

No Kneading, Mixing, Baking or Drying!

Easier to Use Than Traditional Clay Paw Print Kits

Pawpals® is unlike traditional clay imprints because it is one-step, instant, and easy to use. There is no kneading, mixing, baking or drying. Just lift the case frame, press the paw into the unique mold material and you've made a lasting memory! Each kit includes an impression pad and a place for a pet photo.

Veterinarians enjoy the simplicity of Pawpals® and that clients leave their hospital with a lasting memory in hand. For pet owners facing the unfortunate loss of a pet, Pawpals® has proven to help reduce the anxiety and assist with closure.

What Pet Owners Say About Pawpals®

"There was a framed paw print sitting on the stand on the left side of our Celtie – that was Celtie's front paw print. This immediately brought tears to our eyes ... but oh, what a lasting memory."

"THANK YOU for going above and beyond for our family and for Lola's paw print keepsake which was so beautiful. Lola meant everything to us and the paw print gives us peace of mind. I am truly grateful."

"Our family would like to thank you for the kind way you took care of our Doberman, Ozzy. When we went to the vet with Ozzy, I had no idea the staff would be able to make a paw print impression. Thank you!"

A new pet, a first-year checkup, a successful surgery or a loving goodbye to a cherished companion – it's paw print keepsakes in an instant for your pet owner clients.

Veterinary practices throughout the country love Pawpals® - an exclusive and patented paw print memory kit. Whether to memorialize a pet or to mark the many milestones of a pet's life, Pawpals® provides a lasting visual memory of our beloved companions.