Pawpals® is Much Easier to Use than Traditional Clay Paw Print Kits

* NEW - Large Size Kits Now Available

The large kits are recommended for large dog breeds, horses and other farm pets.
They are also perfect for taking multiple imprints from one or more animals for display in the same kit.

A photo sized to 4.75" X 6.25" will fit in the photo frame. The transparent plastic cover can be used as a guide to crop larger photos.

The actual size of the large kit is 5.625" x 7.25" x 1" (W x H x D).

The sleeve fits snugly around the kit. The best way to remove the sleeve:

1. With one hand (thumb on one side and fingers on the other) hold the kit in the center; with other hand hold the opposite side of the kit allowing thumb to rest on the plastic above the word Pawpals.
2. With thumb, push kit out from the sleeve.
3. With pushing thumb hand pull the kit out the rest of the way from the bottom of the sleeve.

Sleeve removal and replacement

After paw print is completed, reverse the process:

1. With one hand hold the center of the sleeve.
2. Push the kit (with hinge at the top edge) from the bottom of the sleeve toward the word Pawpals.

Sleeve removal and replacement