Pawpals® Pet Paw Print Mold

An Easy-to-Use Pet Paw Print Mold at a Great Price

Pawpals® is an exclusive, patented paw print keepsake kit that is used by veterinary practices, clinics and hospitals across the country. Unlike traditional clay paw print molds, Pawpals® is a one-step and instant impression kit that is not messy. Veterinarians appreciate the simplicity of our keepsakes and the ability to provide their clients with an instant, long-lasting memory of their pets.

Pawpals® Makes a Thoughtful Gift for Bereaved Pet Owners

In addition to its ease of use, Pawpals® provides veterinarians with the opportunity to foster stronger relationships with their clients by gifting this paw print keepsake following the loss of a pet, or to mark the many memorable milestones throughout a pet's life. The thoughtful gift is always well received and appreciated. This is especially true for those pet owners facing grief following the passing of a beloved companion.

Bulk Discount on Multiple Molds

Pawpals® are shipped nationally and available as single cases or a value master case, which affords 10% savings over the single case pricing. View the product information and pricing chart below to determine which option best fits your needs and budget.

Single Classic Case Pricing

Single classic kit cases include 24 Pawpals® kits with 6 replacement pads.
* We do have cases without the replacement pads when placing re-orders.

Single Cases Price
1 $192
2 $384
3 $576
4 $768
5 $960
6 $1,152

Master Classic Case Pricing

Master classic kit cases include 6 single cases, for a total of 144 Pawpals® kits with 36 replacement pads.

Master Cases Price
1 $1,035

Single Large Case Pricing

Single large kit cases include 12 Pawpals® kits with 3 replacement pads.
* We do have cases without the replacement pads when placing re-orders.

Single Cases Price
1 $240
2 $480
3 $720
4 $960
5 $1200
6 $1440

Master Large Case Pricing

Master large kit cases include 6 single cases, for a total of 72 Pawpals® kits with 18 replacement pads.

Master Cases Price
1 $1296

* All the shipping charges listed on this website apply only to the US "lower 48" states. For shipping to other regions please contact Pawpals directly.
* Open cases are not returnable/refundable. Contact Pawpals directly for samples before ordering.

The number one question we receive regarding pricing — which option is more cost effective? We recommend purchasing the master case to receive the best value. The master case is the same as purchasing six single cases, offering savings on the kits and shipping.

*Disclaimer: Prices listed above do not reflect discounts that may be offered through various promotions.

Watch our video to see how easy it is to take a pet's paw print impression with a Pawpals® kit


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