Watch Video to Learn How to Take a Paw Print of Your Dog or Cat

   Learn How to Take a Paw Print of Your Dog, Cat or
                    Other Small Pet with Pawpals®

Exclusive and patented, Pawpals® is a paw print keepsake that is truly treasured by pet owners around the country, which is why veterinarians are eager to gift Pawpals® to their clients to memorialize the passing of a pet or mark key milestones in a pet's life.

Veterinarians love Pawpals® for the simplicity and ease of use. Unlike traditional clay imprints, Pawpals® is a one-step and instant paw print impression kit that is not messy. It is a simple way to take the paw impressions of dogs, cats, or other small pets.

With Pawpals® there is no:

  • Kneading
  • Mixing
  • Baking
  • Dying

Capture a lifetime of love in three easy steps:

1. Open the Kit to expose the impression material
2. Press: center the pet's paw carefully over the impression material and press firmly
3. Lift and Finish: close the protective clear lid to protect the impression

Each kit also comes with a place for a treasured pet photo.

Watch the video to see how easily you can take a paw print and how veterinarians are using Pawpals® to build stronger relationships with their clients

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